IFS organizes IUI workshop for doctors at MED Age Srinagar

Srinagar May 26 (KNS): In a bid to address the pressing issue of infertility in Kashmir, MED Age Srinagar Sunday hosted an insightful IUI workshop organized by the IFS Academic Mission.

The event, held at the prestigious IFS HQ MED Age Srinagar, saw the participation of over 18 doctors from LD Hospital, Srinagar.

Led by renowned IVF expert Dr. Syed Sajjad Hussain, the workshop aimed to equip medical practitioners with advanced techniques to combat infertility rates.

During the workshop, attendees were provided hands-on training on the intricacies of IUI and IVF procedures, essential in augmenting success rates in fertility treatments.

Dr. Sajjad, also serving as the National Additional Joint Secretary of IFS, offered invaluable insights into patient selection criteria and procedural nuances, empowering doctors to make informed decisions.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

The participants also visited the laboratory of MED Age Srinagar.

The event also featured prominent gynecologist Dr. Saima Mufti, who shed light on the underlying causes contributing to elevated infertility levels in the valley.

Dr. Saima and other doctors expressed gratitude to the organizers while advocating for the continuity of such educational initiatives in Kashmir.

The success of the workshop prompted calls for future sessions to further enhance medical expertise in addressing fertility challenges.(KNS)

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