Hakeem Yaseen condemns killing of teachers by unknown gunmen

Srinagar, Oct 07 (KNS): Chairman People's Democratic Front PDF Hakeem Yaseen has expressed serious concern over spurt in civilian killings in recent days in Kashmir valley. He said people of Kashmir were in deep shock and dumbstuck yet, mourning the pain of cold blooded murder of of H L. Bindroo and two other civilians yesterday, that unknown gunmen have struck and ruthlessly massacred two teachers in a School in downtown Srinagar. "The spurt in senseless killings of innocent civilians was very unfortunate, heart wrenching and against tenants of Islam," Hakeem Yaseen observed.

In a statement issued on Thursday Hakeem Yaseen while condemning senseless killing of civilians from last few days including two school teachers in a school today, Hakeem Yaseen appealed civil society to voice it's concern in strong terms against target killing of civilians. He said enemies of peace were hellbend to tarnish the image of secular Kashmir and Kashmiryat by fomenting communal frenzy and hatred.

PDF Chairman has made a fervent appeal to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion and region, to rise to the occasion and stand like a rock to defeat nefarious designs of the enemy of peace and brother hood." He said enemy of peace would not be allowed to vitiate our centuries old tradition of mutual communal understanding and unity in diversity.

Hakeem Yaseen has also castigated government for its alleged failure on security as well as law and order fronts.

"People have every right to ask ' who are these unknown gunmen and why intelligence agencies have failed to expose them despite repeated demand from the people and civil society ," Hakeem Yaseen added.

Hakeem Yaseen has demanded early essembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir so that popular government could take control of the situation adding that the present system of governance has proved an utter failure on social , political , security and developmental fronts. (KNS)

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