Gurez- First motor cavalcade visits valley; Promoting Spring-Winter tourism

Bandipora March 20 (KNS) :To promote winter tourism in Gurez Valley, District Administration Bandipora and local authorities in collaboration with Kashmir Off Road organized the first snow-drive expedition to Gurez Valley.

Soon after the inauguration of the opening of Bandipora-gurez Valley road on 15th March 2023, Kashmir Off Road Club were the first to visit and explore the region in winters, by road. The two days event which took place on the 18-19th of March 2023 was facilitated and supported by District Administration-Bandipora, JKP and local authorities.  

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ali Sajid (founder of Kashmir Off Road) said- “We have been visiting Gurez almost each year since 2017 and the amazing landscape and the adventure this place holds brings us back every year. This year our Glorious Gurez 5 has been an extremely different experience altogether, as this was the very first time we visited the wonderful valley during snow season. We are highly grateful for the district administration for inviting us as their first guests to visit the beautiful snow-clad valley.”

“It was our pleasure to invite and facilitate members of Kashmir Off Road club to visit Gurez Valley during this winter season. Bandipora holds tremendous potential for winter tourism and by hosting an adventure expedition during snow-season is exactly what we need in Gurez Valley. The valley, which is otherwise mostly closed in winters.” Said – Dr. Owais Ahmed (DC Bandipora)

Speaking about the event, Mr. Waseem Raja (ADC- Bandipora) - “We have collaborated with Kashmir Off Road on several promotional endeavors. The passion and energy with which they explore the valley sends out a very positive message all across the country. It was our pleasure to invite the group during this time as well.”

“Gurez Valley is totally cut off during winter season as the region experiences tremendous snowfall and extreme weather conditions for at least 4-5 months during the chilly weather and thus, this used to make the commute and staying there rather difficult. But lately, with the developing infrastructure and road conditions, we now see a huge possibility of having Gurez as a winter tourism spot as well. The beauty of this region is incomparable during this time around.”- added Ali Sajid

 “For most of us, it was one journey of a lifetime. Thanks to the authorities for making it possible for us to see the snow-clad valley in a totally different perspective. Although due to major migration of the locals during the season we did not get to meet many people and the facilities at this point of time are bare minimum due to harsh climate. But what we witnessed, with having the whole place to ourselves, was like as dream. Razdan Pass, with towering snow walls all around, was a site to behold. We even got to experience heavy snowfall throughout our journey on our way back to Srinagar.”- said Farah Zaidi (Dir PR/co-founder Kashmir Off Road)
 “It was a pleasure indeed to host Kashmir Off Road during the winter season, they were our very first guests. From our side we made sure they had a comfortable stay and unhindered journey throughout. Looking forward to have a good tourist season ahead. We welcome the group to visit us again wholeheartedly”- added Dr. Mudassir Wani (SDM, Gurez).(KNS) 

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