Group of Concerned Citizens( GCC) strongly condemns killing of non-local labourers in Shopian

Srnagar, October 19 (KNS): The Group of Concerned Citizens( GCC), a non--political civil society collective , has strongly condemned killing of two non local labourers in a grenade attack at their rented accommodation in South Kashmir's Harmain village just within a day of Puran Krishen Bhat's gruesome murder. 

In a statement issued to KNS today, the GCC described it as a " highly abominable act that can not be condoned ".

The GCC has asked for fast--tracked trial in all innocent killings to unmask the elements supporting such heinous criminals, besides bringing the perpetrators and their sponsors to justice.
 The GCC has also expressed sympathies with families of the slain labourers and requested the Government to pay adequate compensation to them, statement reads. (KNS)

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