Govt sanctions permission in favour of associate, assistant professors to pursue Ph.D program

Srinagar, May 11 (KNS): The government of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday accorded sanction to grant permission in favour of the associate, assistant professors and PTI to pursue Ph.D program on part time basis.
According to an order, a copy of which lies with Kashmir News Service (KNS), sanction is hereby accorded to grant of permission in favour of the following Associate/Assistant Professors/PTI to pursue Ph.D program on part time basis in terms of Government Order No 416-JK(HE) of 2020 dated 08-12-2020 from
the Universities shown against each as under:-
The order stated that the permission is for pursuit of a Ph.D on Part time basis. “The activity shall be carried out without any detriment to routine academic responsibilities and no concessions in performance of normal duties shall be sought/given on the grounds that the faculty is pursuing Ph.D.”
It stated that the selected university is approved and has not been blacklisted or debarred by any state, central or other regulatory agency. “The respective Principal (s) will ensure and certify the same before any further action is taken.”
The order further stated that the selected faculty members shall carry on the research work only beyond the working hours of the College, on holidays or during vacations, for which they shall have to submit an undertaking on an Affidavit, so that teaching work of the college does not suffer.
“Any residency requirements shall be met by taking leave as due and after getting the same duly sanctioned. The selected faculty members shall undertake, through a legally binding undertaking that they shall serve the department for at least five years after completion of the Ph.D program.”
It stated that pursuit of Ph.D shall not be considered as a ground for retention of faculty in a particular location/college.
“The order shall become operational only after fulfillment of the conditions imposed at (b) & (e) above,” it stated. (KNS)

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