Govt allowing Kashmir University to turn into Nepotism hub: Kadfeen

Srinagar October 26:(KNS) Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary has termed the reports of nepotism ruling roost in the University of Kashmir as seriously concerning and has urged the government to probe so that the varsity is safeguarded against such underhand assaults.

Kadfeen said that one gathers from the news reports how favouritism is being practised with impunity in University of Kashmir and attempts are being made to accord prestigious positions to undeserving persons. He said that the varsity which was ought to impart values to the students is ironically itself getting caught in the morass of nepotism and partiality.

Kadfeen said that if such practises are allowed without a check, it could turn the University of Kashmir into a hub of uncertainty and corruption, impacting drastically the quality of education it imparts. He said the varsity should be the last place on earth wherein the menace of corruption could infiltrate and rot its foundations to the core. “Here in Kashmir there are reports after reports coming to the fore about how the SOPs are being sidelined, rules violated and norms undermined. Yet, the government seems to have been playing a proverbial ostrich with no inquiry ordered to check the authenticity of the allegations. The government has to act to save the knowledge centre. The sooner the better,” said Kadfeen.(KNS)  

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