Ghulam Hassan Mir assures support to Tourist Guides affected by Cable Car Order

Assures swift resolution to this issue in a couple of days

Assures swift resolution to this issue in a couple of days

Srinagar, October 14 (KNS):  Apni Party's Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir has extended his support to the affected tourist guides and stakeholders impacted by the recent order of the Cable Car. 

During his address, Mir revealed that Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari had raised the issue with the relevant authorities and received assurances that a resolution would be achieved within a matter of days.

"It is crucial to guarantee that the livelihoods of those who rely on tourism in this area are not negatively impacted by such an order," he said.

The issue in question stems from a prior order issued by the Jammu and Kashmir Cable Car Corporation just last month. 

This directive outlined that guides and service providers would be required to pay regular passenger fares when accompanying tourists to Affarwat as part of the second phase of the Gulmarg Gondola Project.

The move has raised concerns among tourist guides and other stakeholders who have expressed apprehensions about its economic impact.(KNS)

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