GDC Pattan invites Students of Middle school to educate, celebrate Environmental week

Pattan June 07 (KNS) :As a part of Environmental Week Celebration which is being held at GDC Pattan from 6th to 11th of June, 2022 , today's program focussed on theme " Let's Build Up" . 

The concept was to use open green spaces in the campus as outdoor classrooms. In this activity, the students from class 3rd to 5th of Govt. Middle School Pattan were invited and were made aware about environmental issues and small steps to save our Earth. 
The students were taught in outdoor classroom in the college lawn under the shade of Big Chinar tree. 
The boundaries of the classroom were marked by lime and a whiteboard and portable projects were used for delivering information. 
Later the students were shown an environmental documentary, earth poem and Kashmiri rhymes in the Browsing Centre of the College.(KNS) 

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