Former minister Dr Manohar Lal Sharma extends support to Lal Singh

Bilawar, March 24 (KNS) : Dr. Manohar Lal Sharma, Former Minister organized a huge gathering in village Mandali and gave a rousing reception to Ch. Lal Singh for his candidature for Parliament election. While extending a warm welcome to Ch. Lal Singh, Dr.Manohar Lal Sharma said that it is the time to settle all scores which people suffered in the last ten years. He expressed anguish on the total neglect of Bilawar constituency where not a single project has been implemented. He further said that the attitude of the present MP has been so rude and arrogant that it remained a dream for everyone to have access to his office. He appealed to all his workers to give massive support to Ch. Lal Singh and ensure his victory to end the sufferings which we have been facing till now.

Ch. Lal Singh expressed his satisfaction while seeing the enthusiasm of the workers and promised to end their miseries once voted to power. Ch Lal Singh while addressing the gathering said that he will continue his fight for the people of entire J&K. He said that the present dispensation is using CBI and ED for suppressing the voice of the opposition. He also repeated that he will fight for the jobs and land rights of the people and the voice of the Dogras will echo in the parliament. He also thanked the gathering for their support of his candidature.  Many sarpanches, panches and local leaders joined congress and extended full support to him.(KNS)

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