Farooq Abdullah's blaming Jammu for hatred, communal disharmony is far from truth: Chrungoo

Jammu, Oct 22 (KNS): "Farooq Abdullah's blaming Jammu for hatred & communal disharmony is far from truth and is simply unjust. It is Jammu region that provided a balance of love, accommodation, shelter, national spirit and brotherhood in an otherwise communally and criminally surcharched atmosphere in the socio-political scenario in the Jammu and Kashmir state for the last almost one century", said Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, senior BJP and KP leader, Incharge: Deptt of political feedback, BJP-J&K.

Chrungoo was addressing a meeting of youth activists, intellectuals and professionals in Jammu today. He explained that the blame of Farooq Abdullah smacks of his desperation due to his being out of power consistently for a long period now. Moreover, he also doesn't see any probability of his coming to power in the near future again. So has he attributed false allegations against Jammu, BJP, RSS and other nationalist forces all across the country without any reason. While he has no busiiness to be worried about the elections in UP, yet he makes comments that are unwarranted and unwanted regarding UP elections just to hide his failures.

"There are Kashmir centric politicians and political groups who have been in a habit of spreading fake narratives about the accession of Jammu and Kashmir and the independence of India, and Abdullah's family is one such unit that has mastered this art. While the Indian Independence Act of 1947 gave the right to choose the option of accession only to the rulers yet these politicians are bringing in the non-existent factor of people of Kashmir endorsing the accession. The matter of the fact is that neither the National Conference nor Sheikh Abdullah had any role so far as the actual accession was concerned,  it was the Maharaja of J&K only who had all the rights in this regard", Chrungoo said.

It has been observed that the Kashmir centric political parties, particularly National Conference and PDP, who have been habitual of spreading falsehood against Jammu are more interested this time to vitiate the atmosphere of the Union Territory and particularly the Jammu region before the ensuing elections. The post August-2019 scenario has left these political parties high and dry so far as their false political promises are concerned. They have been exploiting the sensitivities of the people in the Kashmir valley for a long time now. However, their chances of repeating their history have been completely dashed to the ground to the charm of the common people, further added the BJP leader. (KNS)

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