Farhan kitab release a dogri song "bangan liyaee De Shoura" in kashmir.

Srinagar 15 february (KNS):  A well known social activist farhan kitab release a dogri song in heart of srinagar famous lakes at Nowshera . Farhan kitab said that i want to congrates to Director Dogrein ki shaan bakhri Romesh Chander Goswami ji , Varsha jamal ji , Roshan billa ji , Rakesh sangral ji, Naresh NB ji , k k Malhotra ji and NJ Neeraj ji. He show happiness while releasing a song. I am thankfull to  Activists, people who will come to release our dogri song. I really thanks from core of my heart to Dogrien ki shan bakhri youtube channel especially Madam Varsha jamwal ji who will give me chance to release her dogri song in kashmir. I have to take a  motive to release a dogri song in this famous lake to realise the people to save our water bodies which is god gifted natural beauty of kashmir which is dying slowly.

While talking with media farhan kitab said that i have a dream to release a dogri song in kashmir and that dream will become true in my life. I will never go back to support our talented youths of jandk .  People are excited to hear this song of madam Varsha jamwal . She is a great singer and wants to promote her dongri language all over the world . She has a heart touching voice while singing a song.  In promote to dogri language we need to support people who are working for its upliftment dogri language which is our culture and the pride of nation. We can't forget it or nor may call it useless language.  Our youths have much talents in jammu and kashmir but we want to give them strength and support to show their talent in national and international level.

Farhan kitab request people to hear this song "bangan tu Liyaee De Shorua". Please like, Share this song and Subcribe our youtube channel dogri ki shaan bakhri. I also appeal people dont throw garbage in water bodies which is our god gifted beauty of kashmir and to save water bodies which is dying slowly.(KNS)

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