False campaign against PAGD won't break our resolve: Mehbooba Mufti

Srinagar, Jan 11 (KNS):  Former Chief Minister and People's Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti today said that "false" campaign against the PAGD will not break their resolve to stand united.
In a series of tweet, she said, "Delhi is deeply rattled by PAGD so I expect this false campaign to intensify in the coming days. Many PDP leaders are already arrested & I expect the situation to worsen. But this will not break our resolve to stand united & fight for whats rightfully ours."

In another tweet she wrote, "Amidst all the unnecessary speculation about PAGD, Id like make a few things absolutely clear. The purpose of this grand alliance is not for petty electoral gains. It exists for a much larger cause & purpose i.e to restore J&Ks special status."
She also write that "A lot of baseless theories are being deliberately floated to discredit PAGD amongst masses since they overwhelmingly voted for us in the DDC elections. Regardless of who fought how many seats, our purpose to deny BJP & its proxies democratic space has been achieved." (KNS).

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