Div Admin Kashmir issues Advisory for sale of X, H & H1 drugs

SRINAGAR, NOVEMBER 21 (KNS): As part of Nasha Mukht Bharat Abhiyan, the Divisional Administration Kashmir today issued advisory for sale of X, H and H1 drugs.

In an official handout, the Administration has mentioned do's & dont's to adhere for sale of these scheduled drugs.

It makes mandatory to mention on the prescription the date of dispensing, number of tablets dispensed along with stamp of chemist for Schedule H, H1 and X drugs.

The instructions state that all records and registers should be maintained as indicated in the Act/ Rules besides they should be made available for inspection for the Commissioner of Food & Drugs Control Administration or any other officer authorised by him in this regard.

Similarly, chemists dispensing scheduled drugs must ensure safety control measures such as video cameras and the prescription should be dispensed only if it is presented within 07 days of its issue.

For each  Schedule H1 and X medicine dispensed, the pharmacist must record the: name, address, patients DoB, name of medicine supplied and quantity supplied, prescription date and dispensing date, name and address of the prescriber.

When storing or archiving records and data, pharmacies should ensure they are able to locate and retrieve individual document or information when needed.

The advisory directs to dispense medications if prescription is incomplete, has alteration(s) without any countersign by the doctor, dispense tramadol, buprenorphine, tapentadol, codeine, methylphenidate for any online prescriptions.

Also dispense psychotropics to minors not accompanied by guardians and dispense a prescription when you have reasonable cause to believe that prescription has been forged or obtained fraudulently and if forged, retain the prescription and forward it to the authorities.

Moreover, it directs to dispense medications if you do not have required license-for drugs like Schedule X.

Breach confidentiality -misuse of personal information of the patient as well as of doctor. 

Be a party to helping others evade laws like Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940; Pharmacy Act, 1948; Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances Act, 1985; Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954.

Incharge Divisional Control Room Tahir Magray said that this is the  part of initiatives taken under Nasha Mukth Bharat by the govt including the toll free help line no 18001807202.

Besides,  Govt is ensuring strict adherence of standing acts and laws releated to Schedule X, H and H1 drugs so that any diversion of such drugs into unsafe hands and anti-social elements is averted.(KNS)

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