Delay in Darbar Move to Srinagar hits developmental works in Kashmir

Srinagar, June 5 (KNS): The delay in decision of the J&K administration to start functioning of civil Secretariat in Srinagar has hit developmental works in Kashmir.

Many senior officials told KNS that it is becoming difficult for the administration in Kashmir to carry out the routine office works due to the delay in annual Darbar move.

“It takes many weeks for a file to get approval which could happen in a day in normal. There coordination has been disturbed due to the ‘as is where is’ order of the government. It is difficult to trace the files,” they said on the request of anonymity.

They added that delaying the shifting of Darbar to Srinagar in the garb of the covid-19 control efforts tantamount to depriving the development share to people of Kashmir region.

Speaking to KNS, President Civil Secretariat Employees Union Rouf Bhat said that role of their union is ensure that interests of employees are not hurt.

“However it is the Government which has to decide about the shifting of Darbar Move,” he told KNS.

Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) senior leader Ghulam Hassan Mir on Monday expressed deep concern over the growing gulf between people and the government in Kashmir province mainly caused due to unnecessary delay in shifting of Darbar from Jammu to Srinagar.

He said the uncalled-for delay in Darbar Move to Srinagar has not only incremented the psychological gap between the people of two regions but has also added to the woes of people of Kashmir who feel deserted by the present dispensation. “The day-to-day sufferings of people have been incremented by the prevailing COVID pandemic which otherwise needed to be catered by a fully functional government which is unfortunately, missing in Kashmir province,” he said. 

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