Covid19 Positive patient helps pregnant woman deliver baby

Srinagar, June 15 (KNS): Putting a question mark on the protocol being followed in the quarantine centers, a pregnant woman was helped by a positive patient in delivery of baby in a Kupwara isolation center.
According to a video of woman which went viral, the pregnant lady said that she developed labour pain during late Saturday evening and gave birth to the baby in absence of any gynaecologist.
“A covid19 positive patient helped me in delivery of baby. When other patients at the isolation center Kupwara tried to contact health officials, they didn’t bother to visit the hospital. We were left on the mercy of God. There are more pregnant women in the isolation center in Kupwara. Doctors shy away from attending the patients,” she says.
She added that later two nurses came after she delivered the baby.
“We are being ill treated here. The doctors and other paramedical staff do not attend us properly,” she reveals.
The isolation center Kupwara is in bad news from sometime as complaints galore regarding the role of doctors and paramedics who are being accused of not attending the patients properly.
When KNS contacted CMO Kupwara Dr Kuasar Jan negated the allegation of the lady and said, “Staff was present there. I don’t know why people level allegations. Still I will order enquiry on the accident.” (KNS)


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