Covid19 lockdown: CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury demands special train for students, workers of J&K

Srinagar, April 10 (KNS): Senior CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury on said Government should arrange special Transport arrangements for workers, students who are stranded in different state of India.
" A special train services should be arranged for them so that they can go join their families. When Govt can bring people from other countries, why cannot facilitate travel of people in their own country," he told KNS over phone fron New Delhi.
Regarding the release of detainees of J&K lodged in outside jails, he said, " keeping people in Jails makes them more vulnerable to get affected by the virus."
"I have written to President and Prime Minister for arranging special train for facilitating travel of workers, students of J&K," he added.
Meanwhile, CPI (M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami yesterday in a statement has demanded facilitating safe return of J&K residents stranded in different states of India.
"As the lockdown to contain cornavirus spread continues across the country, thousands of Jammu and Kashmir residents, including labourers and students, are stuck within and outside India. The lockdown has made their survival difficult as these include women and children as well.
A good number of people, especially those dealing with handicrafts, labourers and students from J&K are stranded in different parts of the country including Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and other parts of mainland India, who have sent distress calls to their families," statement reads.
He added, "It is imperative to maintain social distancing. But on the other hand, those stranded can’t be left unattended. There is lot of uncertainty among their families.If the evacuation of these stranded people from J&K is not possible at the moment due to the unprecedented situation, the least government of India could do is to reach out to them with the help of respective state governments where they are stranded in. They must be treated in a humane manner, by providing them with enough food, water, beds and supplies as well as psycho-social counseling."
He also suggest the J&K government to ask its administration to prepare a database of those stranded within and outside J&K and take up the matter with the respective state governments 

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