Congress Leader Irfan Naqib visits different areas in Srinagar

 Srinagar, June 01(KNS): Congress Leader Irfan Naqib on Thursday visited different areas in Srinagar to take stock of the multiple problems confronting Srinagar residents on account of multiple developmental issues and sought their resolution.

Irfan Naqib visited Jenab Saheb (Soura), Zoonimar, Anchar, Botakdal and other adjacent areas where he met various local delegations who complained of multiple problems on account of dilapidated condition of roads and other local area developmental issues, besides regular traffic jams leading to the chaos in different areas.


Naqib also visited Jenab Soura Old Masjid where he was apprised about the poor condition of old masjid resulting in immense inconvenience to people especially women in absence of facilities especially non availability of wash rooms and other related facilities.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel


Congress leader assured the people that their grievances shall be highlighted and urged upon the LG and Wakf Chairman to take urgent notice of the poor condition of Masjid and also take measures to renovate the masjid on priority basis.


Common people are also confronted with regular traffic regular jams leading  to the chaos, even the ambulance movement in Srinagar becomes difficult, so LG administration must take urgent notice of the traffic mess and move one step ahead with regard to  further widening of roads wherever necessary, Congress Leader added and also demanded  that the monthly financial assistance of widows and old aged must be restored ensuring that these BPL category are able to sustain themselves, as they were fully dependent on this financial assistance.(KNS).

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