Congress calls August 5 as ‘Day of Struggle’ for people of J&K

Jammu, Aug 4 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) has said that 5th August marks the Yaddoyad day (day of struggle) for the restoration of lost statehood status and other genuine rights to the people especially for  the future generations.

JKPCC chief spokesperson Advocate Ravinder Sharma in a statement to Kashmir News Service (KNS) has said that on this day J&K was deprived of its identity as a state and stripped of all other rights especially rights to land and jobs, so it remains the day of struggle to achieve the lost identity, status and other genuine rights so that the younger generations avail and enjoy those rights snatched away from them.

Reiterating that restoration of statehood with protection of genuine rights to land and jobs remain high on the agenda of Congress alongwith holding of early assembly elections to provide elected government in Jammu and Kashmir, JKPCC said that BJP government should fulfill the genuine demand without delay to create conducive atmosphere for political process and elections.

“However, the delaying tactics of the centre has added to the resentment and anger amongst people who always sided with the country and defeated the designs of anti-national and communal forces.”

The statement reads that the BJP must answer whether the militancy has been eliminated, since there were around 70 active militants in 2014 while the number is over 200 today despite elimination of hundreds of terrorist since then almost on yearly basis.

“How many government jobs have been provided in government sector in two years as then governor S.P Malik had announced 50000 jobs in three months. How many jobs created in private sector and how much investment and industrialisation has been witnessed. What is  progress on the safe and dignified return of Kashmiri  migrants. What is the progress on bringing of people closer to Delhi and dil (heart), as stated by the Prime Minister, if there is no unrest. Why not restoration of statehood and early elections,” the Congress questioned, on the eve of two years of the disbanding and downgrading of the state and abrogation of special status. (KNS)

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