Comments about CID investigation on social media unfortunate, factually incorrect:CID

Jammu 03 February (KNS): CID has called the comments about CID investigation on social media unfortunate and factually incorrect.

In a statement issued to news agency-kashmir news service(KNS) reads, "Recent comments about CID investigations in the public domain through social media are unfortunate for two reasons: for being factually incorrect and making CID officers vulnerable to increased threats and enhanced risks. It is also fraught with the risks of adversely influencing the witnesses and the course of investigation. It is factually incorrect that an under investigation person was tortured. CID investigations are done professionally and as per law," statement issued to KNS reads.

 "Each and every arrested person is presented before competent court periodically as per law. Every arrested suspect has access to health care and doctors. It is neither proper nor lawful to discuss and pass verdict like remarks in the public domain about ongoing complex investigations. CID is answerable to the courts on all aspects including whether amenities and rights available to a person under custodial investigation and his legal obligations to cooperate in the investigation are being complied,." It added.(KNS)

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