Cobwebs of local mainstream politics-cross border narcotics-terror financing-secessionism

 Jammu, September 09(KNS): Following arrest of former minister Babu Singh for receiving slush money sent from valley to activate anti India secessionist activities in Jammu region last year, several investigators have been simultaneously working on different lines at different places following multiple leads crisscrossing terror financing modules, narcotics syndicates and separatist networks with intersections partly within J&K and partly in Pakistan and some in middle eastern capitals.

In this connection a Key accused person Mohd. Sharief Chechi wanted in NarcoTerror/Terror Funding case FIR 73/23 PS Gandhi Nagar/SIA Jammu was arrested by SIA Jammu from Uri, Baramulla.

Brief facts of the case are that a case FIR No. 73/2022 was registered at Police Station Gandhi Nagar Jammu, and subsequently one Mohd. Shareef Shah was arrested along with huge amount of narco terror money, on the allegations that they were working under the directions of ISI and their agents in Pakistan for the purpose of financing Jammu based separatists to carry out subversive activities against the sovereignty, integrity and security of India.

Later on, the instant case was transferred to SIA Jammu for further investigation.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that there is a well organized drug syndicate, including Mohd. Sharief Chechi, Mohd Rafiq Najar, and Farooq Ahmad Naikoo operating from Dubai and others who are infusing narcotics into the indian territory for generating terror funds, to fuel subversive activities challenging the sovereignty, integrity and security of India. and further using banking channels for layering of proceeds of narcotics for funding of terrorism in J&K.

During investigation it was revealed that the modus operandi adopted is that Mohd. Sharief Chechi used to collect narcotics from across LOC viz PoK and these narcotics were used to generate proceeds for terror funding.

Upon technical surveillance and human intelligence, a team of SIA led by Insp Vikas Sharma arrested Mohd. Sharief Chechi from Uri, Baramulla on 25-08-2023.

Further investigation into aspects of cross LOC operation of this narco smuggling and terror funding syndicate which has been
found smuggling arms, explosives and narcotics consignments across the LOC is ongoing at SIA Jammu.

Team of SIA involved in the arrest - Insp Vikas Sharma, ASI Satish Parihar and Sgct.
Shatter Singh.(KNS).

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