Chairman DDC Budgam inaugurates Macadamisation Work in Utligam Village

 BUDGAM, JUNE 07(KNS): In a significant development aimed at improving the road infrastructure and connectivity in Budgam district, Chairman District Development Council (DDC), Nazir Ahmad Khan today inaugurated the macadamisation work in Utligam village.

The project marks a crucial step towards enhancing the quality of life for the residents and fostering economic growth in the region.


Utligam village, located in Budgam district, is an important community hub comprising several households and serving as a connecting point for various neighboring villages.


Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel38;margin-top:0.0pt;margin-bottom:0.0pt;">Recognizing the necessity for better road conditions to facilitate smoother transportation and overall development, the Chairman DDC, Nazir Ahmad Khan, initiated the macadamisation project as part of the district's comprehensive infrastructure plan.


During the inaugural ceremony, Chairman DDC highlighted the significance of improved road networks in enhancing the socio-economic fabric of the region. He emphasized the administration's commitment to inclusive growth and its efforts to bridge the infrastructural gaps in rural areas.


The macadamisation work in Utligam village is a testament to the administration's dedication to improving the lives of the residents and providing them with better opportunities.(KNS)

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