CEO Gulmarg Leads from the Front: Post-Avalanche Rescue Operation Saves 7 Lives

 Gulmarg, Feb 23(KNS):  In the aftermath of a devastating avalanche striking the Army Ridge area of Gulmarg, a swift and coordinated rescue operation resulted in the successful evacuation of seven individuals, including six skiers from Russia and a local ski guide.

The CEO Gulmarg, Waseem Raja himself went to the site of avalanche to oversee the rescue operations without caring about his safety.
The joint efforts of the Gulmarg Ski Patrol of Tourism Department and J&K Police played a pivotal role in executing the rescue mission, ensuring the safety of those caught in the avalanche.
Upon receiving news of the incident, CEO Gulmarg, Waseem Raja, promptly mobilized a team, accompanied by police officer Haroon Rashid and with great difficulty managed to reach the avalanche site on snow bike and by foot, where he personally oversaw the rescue operations. The proactive involvement of CEO Gulmarg has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly from the local community in Gulmarg, who lauded his unprecedented presence at the rescue site.
The successful outcome of the rescue mission, while saving the lives of seven individuals, is a testament to the coordinated efforts of the rescue team and the exemplary leadership demonstrated by CEO Gulmarg, setting a new benchmark for disaster response in the region.
Regrettably, amidst the rescue efforts, one skier lost her life. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones of the deceased.(KNS).

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