Carry forward struggle for women’s rights, dignity: Tarigami

SRINAGAR MARCH 8 (KNS):  International Women’s Day is being observed at a time when basic human rights of women continue to be under attack. Rape, killings, torture, child abuse, trafficking are on rise. Women in this era continue to have subordinate status and face gender based oppression and exploitation. Denying women their right to self-choice, increasing caste arrogance and politics of hatred towards marginalised sections of our society has led to an increase in assaults on the fundamental rights of women.

“Enforcing dress code, what to wear, and what not is an assault on the very basic and fundamental rights of women and must be opposed tooth and nail".

The democratic forces must pledge to fight for values like equality, democracy, human dignity and women’s liberation.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

Time to realise that without women’s emancipation and empowerment, the aspirations for freedom and human dignity can not be accomplished.

The origin of International Women’s Day lies in the struggle of women workers against their exploitative and harsh working conditions and to assert their rights.

We must reiterate our commitment to continue our fight for a society free from exploitation and oppression of women.(KNS) 

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