Can’t change sixty year old defunct system by overnight: Dr Hina Bhat

Sajad Lone
Srinagar, June 19 (KNS): Khadi and Village industries Board IKVIB) Vice chairperson Dr Hina Bhat on Friday in a chat Kashmir News Service said that it is not possible in overnight to change the sixty year old defunct system in Kashmir.
Talking to Kashmir News Service she explained the contribution made by KVIB during the Noval Corona Virus, she said, we have number of tailoring units across the Jammu and Kashmir, around 13 lac masks have been prepared by these units and it provided employment to many people who were working from home. 7-8 Rs were being paid to these units for each mask.
There were district wise orders for our tailoring units,we have number of schemes for the unemployed youth and all our schemes are paperless. Since I have joined a number of schemes have been availed by the beneficiary. Earlier we were having targets, but since I have joined there are no targets now. The people can simply avail our schemes by having a Smartphone and have to share the project on our website. The beneficiary are being given 35% subsidy on each scheme. The government jobs have been always a challenge for government but I am sure a proper job policy will be put up in place to generate jobs.
Dr Hina Bhat also said some light on the politics of Kashmir, She said the centre is giving a special attention to Kashmir, the center government is fully aware about the geography and situation of Kashmir. No doubt Kashmir has been always in a political crisis, even I can say Kashmir was war zone, a highly corrupted place, the funds were not being used properly and with honesty. The system in Kashmir is in defunct from last 60 years so it is not possible to bring it on right track by overnight, it will take time. The funds will be now used in transparent mode. It is a challenge for us to have new Kashmir. We have accepted this challenge and will prove our worth. She also welcomed the release of detained leaders; she said they deserve to be freed. We want a fair election and people have right to elect their representatives. Earlier there has been lot of corruption, nepotism, if all this wouldn’t have been there, the Kashmir would have been very different and not less than a foreign place. This all has to go now there will be a new Kashmir now she said. (KNS)

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