BJP asks Ex-MLC from Jammu to tender public apology for his ‘hate speech’

Seeks explanation from him within 48 hours

Seeks explanation from him within 48 hours

Jammu, Nov 01 (KNS): The disciplinary committee of Jammu and Kashmir BJP unit has asked the former MLC from Jammu, Vikram Randhawa to explain his position within 48 hours and has been asked to tender public apology ofer his “derogatory and hate speech” against a particular community.

In an explanation notice BJP’s disciplinary committee, a copy of which lies with Kashmir News Service (KNS), Randhawa has been directed to explain his position within 48 hours to disciplinary committee and had also been advised to immediately issue public apology on the matter pending conclusion of disciplinary proceedings.

Randhawa has also been directed not to address media in any form till proceedings are pending against him. 

“A video has gone viral on social media in which you are seen making absolutely reckless and hatred mongering remarks against a particular Community,” reads the notice.

It reads that this is unacceptable to party and has brought disrepute and embarrassment to the party and such type of conduct is likely to dent the public image of party.  

“As a senior leader and former legislator it is expected of you to conduct yourself in public in a manner which is as per party principles. A very strict and serious view of your reckless and indisciplined statement in video has been taken by party president Ravinder Raina and Disciplinary Committee of BJP has been asked by party president to initiate disciplinary proceedings against you,” it reads.

It also reads that earlier disciplinary proceedings against you have also not created desired impact on your public conduct. (KNS)

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