Banded By Bad Roads: Bandipora locality residents struggle with substandard road repairs

‘We are forced to take extreme measures to combat dilapidated road condition’

‘We are forced to take extreme measures to combat dilapidated road condition’

Bandipora, Jan 22 (KNS): Residents of Nizamabad locality in Watapora area of north Kashmir’s Bandipora district are struggling with substandard road repairs that have left the roads in a state of disrepair as the concerned contractor has left the work midway. 

According to local residents, the contractor hired to repair the road used boulders and muck instead of proper materials, resulting in a rocky and muddy surface that is difficult to navigate.

To protect themselves from the mud and debris, many residents claimed they have resorted to wearing polythene bags over their shoes. 

They said some have even taken to using wooden planks and other materials to cross and negotiate the worst affected areas.

They said the poor quality of the repairs has not only made it difficult for residents to travel safely, but it has also affected daily officer goers and tuition going students. 

The residents have also expressed frustration with the lack of accountability from the contractor and the local authorities.

The residents have urged the local administration especially deputy commissioner Bandipora to take immediate action to repair the road properly and hold the contractor accountable for the substandard work. 

“Until then, we will continue to rely on makeshift solutions to protect ourselves from the harsh conditions,” they said. (KNS)

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