Aripanthan-Khag Main Road in Shamble: Authorities Unmoved

Aijaz Nabi Bhat

Srinagar, Oct 25 (KNS): The 12 km stretch road from aripanthan to khag in central kashmir's Budgam district is in shamble from past 4 years and authorities are unmoved.

According to reports this project was under centrally sponsered scheme Central Road Funds with an estimated cost of Rs 10 crore, and work on this was started in 2016.

The road is in a bad condition and is taking a heavy toll on the health of travellers.

Talking to KNS correspondent A local namely Fayaz Ahmad said " The road was to be widened 40 feet out of which 26 feet road was supposed to be macdamised, but nothing has been done related to macadamization, now winter is approaching and macadamization period is almost over this area(Khag) is hilly area where temperature wittness a dip sight from the begining of september" he further added."

Another local said' This road is in such a worst condition as it takes us hours to cover this 12 km. nobody is bothered to pay heed towards our inconvinences. this road turns muddy during rains. 
Now it is our request to L.G sahab to pay attention towards this road so that we can not suffer in future.(KNS) 

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