Apni Party Organizes Provincial Women Wing Meet

Domestic Violence & Spikes in Suicidal tendency among Women worrisome: Dilshad Shaheen

Domestic Violence & Spikes in Suicidal tendency among Women worrisome: Dilshad Shaheen

Srinagar August 03 (KNS): Apni Party Women Wing Kashmir Province on Tuesday organized a day-long Women convention at its party head office in Lal Chowk, Srinagar.

The meeting was chaired by Apni Party Women Wing Provincial President Kashmir Dilshad Shaheen. Besides, Mrs. Rafeeqa, Mrs. Jameela Khan and Dr. Asmat along with various other party activists were also present on the occasion.

In a statement issued here, Dilshad Shaheen said that the meeting primarily focused on strengthening the Party’s women cadres in Kashmir province and redressing a plethora of problems faced by the women folk in their routine lives.

“The domestic violence and suicide rates among women have increased considerably. The figures in regards to it are alarming which serve as ample proof that the average condition of women across J&K is becoming extremely awful. The law enforcement agency must take cognizance of the present circumstances and initiate strict actions against those who mistreat and abuse women folk,” she said.

She added that the Party's Women Wing is resolute for the welfare of women folk and shall ensure that apposite social welfare schemes are swiftly implemented on ground so that women get benefit from such needed schemes.

“The government has already incorporated many prestigious welfare schemes for the upliftment of women but most of these schemes lack requisite propagation through media due to which our mothers, sisters and daughters remain impoverished. But I appeal to the government to persistently advertise such schemes so that the deserving women get benefitted from such welfare schemes,” she asserted.

On the occasion various women activists hailing from different parts of Kashmir division joined Apni Party. The new entrants were warmly welcomed by the women leaders into the party-fold.

“Empowerment of women is essential for the progress of a society and Apni Party is committed to provide the socio-political and economic space that they deserve but were denied earlier on by the previous successive governments. Women are an inseparable part of Human society whose contributions are exceptionally immense and with our unswerving efforts, we will ensure that injustices faced by women at different levels in our society are mitigated at an earliest,” she said.(KNS)

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