Apni Party different from other parties in terms it’s policy, approach: Bukhari

Says people of J&K always taken for a ride by politicians

Says people of J&K always taken for a ride by politicians

Srinagar, July 07 (KNS): Apni Party president, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari has said his party is different from other parties in terms of its policy and approach, as it’s policy is based on a pro-people agenda and they have a pragmatic approach towards politics.

In exclusive interviews with Kashmir News Service (KNS) Bukhari said people of J&K have always been taken for a ride by politicians, irrespective of their ideologies.

Bukhari also talked about several issues including targeted civilian killings, holding of assembly elections, functioning of LG led administration and much more.

Here are the excerpts of the interview with Altaf Bukhari:

KNS: How do you see the present situation in Kashmir, especially the target killings?

Bukhari: J&K is right now going through a turbulent phase. The tourist footfall should not be correlated with the level of normalcy in Kashmir. Yes, off course, the tourist rush gives an impetus to the tourism industry and lakhs of families linked to it, directly or indirectly, get benefitted.

As far as the target killings are concerned, I have often reiterated that such acts of violence are extremely detrimental to the peace and tranquility in the region. Witnessing innocents falling to the bullets is awfully painful for any civilized society. I have no words to describe such inhuman and senseless bloodshed that is loaded with long run ramifications as well. Whosoever, responsible for such dastardly acts of cowardice, should be brought to justice.

KNS: What about the political situation in J&K?

Bukhari: The present political situation in Jammu and Kashmir is taking a heavy toll on the interests of people of this erstwhile State. One can understand the political situation of any place in a democracy that is directly being governed under the President's rule. So in that sense people in J&K are abjectly disempowered in absence of their representatives being at the helm of affairs.

KNS: What about elections? Do you think polls would be held anytime soon?

Bukhari: Unwanted delay in holding assembly elections is adding to the miseries of people who feel choked in absence of a popular government. I think the government of India is fully aware of this situation and I expect the government of India, especially the Election Commission to take a call and hold the elections as soon as possible to end this stalemate.

KNS: Have you accepted the final report of the Delimitation Commission?

Bukhari: I have already said that there are flaws in the Delimitation Commission’s report which seems to have been worked out to benefit a particular political party. Otherwise, there is no logical justification in its many recommendations vis-à-vis re-drawing of Parliamentary and Assembly constituencies in J&K.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelDistantly connected areas like Rajouri-Anantnag, Kerran-Kupwara etc have been brought under the boundaries of single constituencies. This exercise was meant to empower the people by bringing democracy at their doorsteps but the final report of this Commission seems contrary to this mandate.

KNS: What is your opinion about the functioning of the Lt. Governor led administration in J&K?

Bukhari: Functioning of the present dispensation is totally against the wishes and expectations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Be it cancellation/withdrawal of posts, be it auctioning of natural resources inviting non-resident miners, land loot under the garb of industrial policy, rising unemployment among educated youth, lack of basic amenities, pendency in government offices so on and so forth are the achievements of this dispensation. I think an elected government, even with a worst performance, is better than the governor rule. There is no alternative to an elected popular government in a democratic set-up.

KNS: How is the Apni Party different from the rest of the political parties in J&K? And what different would you offer to the people if your party comes to power?

Bukhari: Apni Party is different from rest of the political parties in J&K in terms of its policy and approach. Our policy is based on a pro people agenda and we have a pragmatic approach towards politics. We believe that people in J&K have always been taken for a ride by politicians, irrespective of their ideologies. Instead, we want transparency and accountability to prevail as warranted by democratic principles. You might have noticed, since its inception, Apni Party has never shied away from calling a spade a spade. Take abrogation of Article 370. All the regional parties came together ensuring people to vote in DDC elections and they will get this abrogation revoked.

Although we too want the special status of J&K to be restored, that doesn’t mean we will lie or cheat people on its modus operandi. We (Apni Party) said that DDC elections are purely meant for development and have nothing to do with restoration of Article 370 or 35-A. In all our public outreach programmes; our leadership said that restoration of special status to J&K is within the domain of Parliament or Supreme Court. And that is the reality; it may not suit many ears but it is the truth. And we would never like to manipulate things for vote bank politics.

As far as the Apni Party coming to power is concerned, let me tell you that if people vote and support our party; I promise that they will never regret voting for us in future. We will deliver on whatever we promise and we would like people to make us accountable for our poll promises.

KNS: Some leaders of your Party have resigned from the basic membership? What is your take on it?

Bukhari: We live in a democracy and people joining or leaving any political party is part of the political philosophy. Every political worker is entitled to his or her opinion and this right is enshrined and guaranteed under the Indian constitution. So if some people have left the Apni Party, it is purely their discretion. There is no dictatorship in our Party. I think these are routine happenings. (KNS)

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