Anjuman Shira Shian observed the Martyrdom Day of Imam Hasan al-Askari “As”

 Srinagar October 05 (KNS):  Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman Shira Shian observed the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari “As” is regarded as the eleventh imam of the twelve imams , succeeding his father, Hazrat Imam Ali al-Hadi “As” was born in Medina in 844 and was brought with his father . Imam Hassan Al-Askari “As” was one of that illustrious series of the immaculate infallible each member of whom displayed the moral excellence of human perfection.

On this auspicious occasion the president of Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman Shira Shian Hojetul Islam Wal Muslimeen in his condolence. message conveyed the Muslims that “ The religion of Muhammad PBUH our last Prophet is being shielded by life and death struggles by the Saviour promised imam Mehdi AtF, Agha mentioned that era when Islam was undergoing desperate troublesome times by anti-Shariah monarchs to block all means aiming at promoting truer and finer messages of Islam.
Agha saib said , the era of Imam Hassan Al-Askari “As” witnessed the massive anti-Islamic plots weaved by the Banu -Abass rulers which had exceeded the limits.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
Imam Hassan Al-Askari was poisoned and martyred by his enemies, they attempted to martyr the imam of our time too when he was merely six years old , this forced imam of our time to went into hiding to protect himself from their part attempts.
Imam Hassan Al-Askari” As” has the supreme exaltations of being blessed by his son ,,imam Zaman “Atf” who’s promised to wipe out wholly injustice and to fill the earth with divine justice by implementing the flawless system of justice .
Agha said , most probably the time is very close as the world is witnessing worst edges of brutalities and is besieged with oppressions. Such prevailing situations are demanding a Saviour and who is undeniably the son of Hazrat imam Hasan Al-Askari “As” for whose appearance we do not have to be satisfied only with prayers. Rather, willingness has to be shown through action and character.(KNS) 

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