ANC denounces ending age old practice of Darbar Move in J&K 

Srinagar, July 02 (KNS): Awami National Conference senior vice-president, Muzaffar Ahmad Shah has said that a demographic change that hit at the vitals of the society in J&K has been affected on the pluralistic culture of 5,000 year history by the absurd, illogical and ill conceived decision of the BJP Govt by cancelling a 149 years old practice to end the concept of Darbar Move in the UT. 

Shah, while addressing press conference at ANC headquarters in here today along with ANC senior leaders Advocate Mir Mohammad Shafi, Mir Aman ullah Kant, Abdul Rashid Wani, Iftikhar Banday, Deen Mohd Wani and Rahi Riyaz Ahmad said that this decision of stopping the Darbar Move, was a major blow, which would have severe implications and repercussions politically, socially, administratively and economically throughout J&K. 

“The economics of both the regions were inter dependant in each other and self serviced by the age old practice of Darbar move that oiled the economies of both regions without outside help. We will forget each other after we stop visiting between Jammu and Kashmir that will put a halt on our social, Cultural, religious and economic bonding that stood the test of times for centuries inspite of all the challenges and turmoils since last 149 years,” he said.

Shah said that money is no consideration to the death blow to secular credentials exhibited from all sides. 

“The ANC makes a fervent appeal on behalf of people from all regions of J&K to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to cancel this unwarranted and illogical black law and restore the Darbar move practice in J&K to uphold its 1000’s of years of history preserved and protected by every citizen of this State.”

On the issue of 370 and it being sub-judice, the ANC leadership firmly stated that pleading for restoration of 370 and 35 A does not amount to contempt of court nor can the matter be brushed under the carpet by taking  the pretext of it being sub-judice.

“There is legally no bar in demanding restoration of Article 370 and 35 A of the constitution .The Kargil Democratic Alliance as well the LBA demanded restoration of Article 370 and 35 A in their meeting with Govt of India yesterday only,” he said. 

Shah said that more than 8 petitions are lying in the Supreme Court put by Political Parties and Civil Society for protection of Article 35 A and Article 370, much before the decision of 5th August 2019. 

“The matter was sub-judice, then how did Govt of India abrogate 370, and then extending 1371 laws to J&K since then,” asked ANC. (KNS)

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