Ahsan Pardesi urges outpouring support for NC in LS polls at Lal Chowk meet

Srinagar, March 23 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir National Conference convened a crucial meeting in Lal Mandi, Lal Chowk Constituency today under the leadership of Ahsan Pardesi, Party's Vice President Kashmir and Incharge Lal Chowk Constituency. The meeting witnessed the participation of key stakeholders from the area.

The gathering served as an essential platform to mobilize constituents towards supporting the party's agenda and active involvement in the upcoming electoral process.

During the meeting, Pardesi underscored the importance of unified support for NC's vision, urging people to rally behind the party's candidates in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

"Lal Chowk Constituency holds significant importance, and this meeting aimed to strengthen NC's position and secure substantial backing from the local populace to ensure that NC prevails over the agenda of opponents and emerges as the resolute voice of the people," stated Ahsan Pardesi.

In line with the party's steadfast commitment to serving the people, Pardesi reiterated NC's dedication to addressing the concerns and aspirations of the residents of Lal Chowk Constituency.

"Our party has been the beacon of hope and progress for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. We are committed to working tirelessly to uplift the lives of every individual in all regions without discrimination," he affirmed.

The party leaders present at the meeting included Sabiya Qadri, the Provincial President of the women's wing, who also addressed the gathering.

Additionally, Ghulam Hassan Pall, the Block Vice President, Imtiaz khan,  Ishrat Bhat and Sahil Mudasir Bhat, participated in the session."(KNS)

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