Admin busy with Mantris tours, public suffers': Vakil

Central and UT Government wasting centre and state exchequer on ministers visit: Vakil

Central and UT Government wasting centre and state exchequer on ministers visit: Vakil

Srinagar September 18:(KNS) Senior Vice President of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil today strongly criticized at the central government saying the visits of dozens of ministers to J&K is nothing more than a loss to the exchequer.

In a statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Vakil said if the govt of the day claims that J&K is witnessing fast development then what is the need for the central government ministers to come in herds to J&K. Vakil asked don't they believe in the ability of state administration and think that they are unable to deliver. "It is not only a heavy loss to the exchequer of UT government but the central exchequer also. The point is money is wasted on the fuels of tours etc of ministers and the same money could have been utilised in different sectors to uplift the poor people of Jammu and Kashmir but instead poor are being shunted out from jobs. 

What is more important that it has added to the miseries of the people as whole administration from the district level to the secretariat are busy with these tours of ministers leaving the people in abject sufferings," Vakil added

Vakil criticized the LG led administration for making Kashmir valley a place of recreation for central ministers causing huge losses to the UT and Centre exchequer. "What is the outcome of these visits.Vakil asked the government. It is nothing except to visit picnic spots, issuing statements and laying foundation stone of Rural Development works which could had been done by the officials themselves. What is the concrete thing they have done on the ground" what is surprising they are inaugurating the same projects which had been already inaugurated. Vakil added (KNS) 

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