Abusing, name-calling others reveal BJP’s sense of defeat: NC

“Nagpur Squad’ comprising of BJP, its ilk facing revulsion of people across J&K”

“Nagpur Squad’ comprising of BJP, its ilk facing revulsion of people across J&K”

Srinagar, 09 December:(KNS)  The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Wednesday said BJP’s abusing and name –calling others reveals the revulsion the Nagpur Squad comprising BJP, its Team B is facing across J&K in the ongoing elections.

Unable to come up with a retort, BJP when it sees itself cornered on the important challenges confronting the country, it takes to name calling and abusing opposition, said Party’s Additional Spokesperson Sarah Hayat Shah. “BJP habitually resorts to name calling and using invectives against opposition leaders when it fails to answer on the burning issues confronting the nation. In the JNU agitation case, it painted the students as Tukde Tukde gang; the Shaheen bagh protestors were maligned also as anti nationals. Now when the farmers are up against it seeking redressal of their problems, the BJP is tainting them as Khalistanis. BJPs retort to emerging situations s all the same across the country, anyone who comes up with a question is out rightly abused and lamented as anti national. It is highly unheard of to be called as anti national when speaking up for one's constitutionally guaranteed rights,” she said.

Keeping up with his party’s proclivity Anurag singh had used squalid language against PADG members saying that the leader’s part of the alliance own highly valued properties, she said. She said the said member of BJP is trying to brush off the fact that BJPs own members and former ministers are still lounging around in government bungalows, a privilege which they aren’t entitled to as per the norms. In addition to that, names of BJPs former ministers and some big fishes within its rank and file has shown up in the list of beneficiaries of Roshni act.

Calling PAGD a gang, unfortunately the diatribe is coming from a party which is trying its best to nationalize the Gujarat model by cornering minorities, she said adding that rescinding of J&K’s status should not be seen as isolation but part of the nationalizing the Gujarat model.

She said BJP has reduced the political discourse in the country in lowest ebb, which one of its founding members Vajpayee had taken to the next level. “BJP under Modi has not lived up to Raj Dharma, which Vajpayee had publically taught to the incumbent PM,” she said.

“It is indeed a core strategy of BJP to defame people to deflect the discourse to hide its failures on job creation, farmer and women emancipation, controlling inflation, and improving a crumbling economy. The state BJP leaders are mere puppets, the poor lot is reading the script which is being dispatched to them from Nagpur and Jhandewalan,” she said.(KNS) 

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