Asifa’s Rape and Murder case

Lal Singh, Ganga must be thrown out from cabinet: Hashim Qureshi

Srinagar, Apr 13 (KNS): Hashim Qureshi, Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party (JKDLP) on Friday condemned the rape and murder of 8 year old girl Asifa in Kutha.
He expressed surprise over delay caused by Jammu and Kashmir Police in submitting the challan against these criminals, who are actually enemy of humanity and people of Jammu Kashmir. “We must get together for Justice for Asifa. I have some questions to the people of J&K and Indian people that did you think that this crime bring a shame for Hindu community,” he asked according to the statement issued to KNS.
"Is not shame for Hindu faith people, that girl was kept in the temple and raped again and again in it? My Question is: If girl could have been Hindu and criminals Muslim, should Jammu people react like same what they did in this case? Why is conscientious of Civil Society of Jammu people silent on the rape and brutal killing of 8 year Asifa,” he questioned
Qureshi asked Chief Minster Mehbooba Mufti that "is not it shameful for our State and for this coalition Government that two ministers Chander Parkash Ganga and Lal Singh are still in the cabinet, who came out for these criminals and support there heinous crime. They must be thrown out from State Cabinet, otherwise people can consider that "Mehbooba Mufti did not want Justice for Asfia?" If Drabu can go, then why not these two communal Ministers."
“Its shame on those who raped and killed 8 year old girl brutally and also shame for those who want protect these rapist and murdered,” he added.
Angrily Hashim Qureshi said shame on people of Jammu who are kept mum against this brutal rape and murder.
Qureshi appealed Indian people that "stand up Justice for Asifa, it could be build a bridge between Indian people and people of Jammu Kashmir, if Indian people stand up against this brutality.” (KNS)

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