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Fuel filter is an essential auto part that is responsible for the free flow of filtered fuel to your engine. However, this important automotive often gets overlooked, which leads to the deterioration of your engine and its performance. Thus it is important to keep checking your fuel filter to detect any clogging or damage and change your filt boodmo.com er if required.
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Before we learn how to spot the optimum time for getting new fuel filters for your automobile, let us see what fuel filters are and why they are such an important auto part.

What is a Fuel Filter and What are its Functions?
The fuel filter is an integral auto part found in internal combustion engines. They are used to filter out impurities and contaminants from the fuel entering your car engine. These fuel filters are found in cartridges that include filter paper inside.
Fuel filters play an important role in the well-being and smooth functioning of your engine.
This automotive ensures no impurities like dust particles, paint chips, or rust enters the engine via fuel thus decreasing wear and tear of fuel injectors and pumps.

Regular maintenance and serving will ensure the filter continues to work effectively for longer periods. However, if your oil filter is beyond repair, then you can check out oil filters from Boodmo. You will find good quality, affordable oil filters that would perfectly suit your car.

Now that we understand how important this auto part is, let us give us some tips on how to recognize the signs that your oil filter requires changing.
5 Signs that You Need a New Fuel Filter
Given below are 5 signs that you should keep an eye out for, that will tell you that you require a new fuel filter -
? Deteriorating Engine Performance - Deteriorating your engine’s performance is one of the most important signs that your fuel filter might need changing. This can
happen when heavy loads lead to clogged fuel filters causing your automobile’s engine to jerk or hesitate. This generally does not show up during normal driving
conditions but does come up during steep inclines or while accelerating. If you encounter your engine stuttering or hesitating at any point, you should get your fuel
filter checked and get a replacement.
? Problems in Automobile Start - A clogged fuel filter can stop your engine from even starting your automobile. When a fuel filter is damaged or jammed, it restricts the free flow of fuel into your engine, disrupting normal cranking of the engine, and leads to problems in starting up your car. While this happens in extreme cases when the filter is completely jammed, this occurrence can happen and will require a change of
fuel filter.
? Stalling - If your engine keeps stalling, then it is a sure sign of a damaged fuel filter.
However, the amount of stalling depends on how damaged or clogged your filter is. If there is a minimum clog, you might not even notice a slight loss of power. But if there is intensive damage or clog, your engine will keep stalling due to disruption in fuel delivery, especially during acceleration. This would require a change in the fuel filter.
? Rough Idles and Random Misfires - Your engine misfiring is another sign that you need to change your fuel filter. A clogged fuel filter can cause misfires as clogging leads to a decrease in fuel pressure. This leads to rough idling, low fuel mileage, and can also turn on the engine light. So make sure to check your fuel filter and get it changed if required.
? Fuel System failures - Dirty fuel filters will disrupt the free flow of fuel into your engine which will lead to the failure of your fuel system. The optimum flow of fuel is required to ensure the optimum performance of your car. However, if you have a clogged fuel filter, your fuel flow will restrict that leading to an increase in pressure on your fuel pumps, ultimately disrupting your fuel system.
Thus if you ever encounter any of these signs, it is time to get new fuel filters for your automobile. You can check out fuel filters from Boodmo as they have the best quality fuel
filters at incredibly affordable rates.

The fuel filter is an essential automotive of your vehicle. They are responsible for the constant well-being and proper performance of your engine. Thus it is essential to get them serviced from time to time, to check for leaks and damages, or getting them changed altogether. Thus, you should keep these above-mentioned points in mind to detect any failure in your fuel filter for maximum damage control and minimum expenses.(KNS)

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