Women's health awareness and Medical camp was organised in Mawer Valley

Handwara Feb 12:(KNS)  In Mawer valley, the women living in rural areas have very limited access to adequate medical facilities and are rarely exposed to health education programs. This is a challenge for a developing region and requires serious consideration for not only raising the health awareness amongst women but also to improve the gender equality in the region.

According to a statement issued to Kashmir New s Service (KNS)  On Saturady.  Naugam brigade organised a medical checkup and Women's health awareness drive at the Primary Health Centre, Naugam.

 The event was aimed to educate the women about women health, type of cancer, reproductive health issues and complications related to pregnancy by doctors from the Indian Armed Forces and civil health department.

A society which actively contributes towards the education and medical well being of women is destined to flourish and the Indian Armed Forces are also commited for the same cause. The health of women and their medical well being is one of the most important stepping stone for the development.(KNS

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