Will come back to Red Fort next year: PM Modi on Independence Day

 New Delhi, Aug 15(KNS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the national flag at Delhi's Red Fort, addressing the nation with a focus on India's abundant opportunities and subtly criticizing political opponents. Concluding his speech, he expressed a hopeful return next year, contingent on the support of the people.

Starting his address, PM Modi expressed concern about violence against women in Manipur, condemning recent incidents and emphasizing India's solidarity with the region's residents.

In a departure from his usual rhetoric, PM Modi frequently referred to India's 1.4 billion citizens as his "parivarjan" or family, deviating from his customary "my beloved brothers and sisters."

Enumerating his government's accomplishments, PM Modi cited examples of empowering citizens and advancing the nation's progress, asserting that India's actions align with its resolutions. He reiterated his belief that India will become the world's third-largest economy within five years, a pledge he termed "Modi's guarantee."

The PM highlighted the synergistic potential of "demography, democracy, and diversity" in realizing the nation's aspirations, referring to them as the "Triveni" that can fulfill India's dreams.

Emphasizing poverty alleviation, PM Modi stated that over 13.5 crore people transitioned from poverty to the neo-middle and middle classes in the last five years alone, envisioning a developed India by its 100th Independence Day in 2047.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

Upon his arrival at the Red Fort, PM Modi was welcomed by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Minister of State for Defence Ajay Bhatt, Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane, and the three service chiefs. As the national flag unfurled, flower petals cascaded from Indian Air Force helicopters.

Around 1,800 individuals from diverse professions, such as nurses, village leaders, teachers, farmers, and fishermen, were invited as special guests in alignment with the government's "Jan Bhagidari" vision.

Continuing the "Har Ghar Tiranga" initiative, encouraging citizens to display the national flag at home, PM Modi urged people to adopt the flag as their social media profile image.

Various selfie points showcasing government initiatives have been established across Delhi, including the National War Memorial, India Gate, New Delhi Railway Station, Pragati Maidan, and Raj Ghat. An online selfie contest, organized by the Defence Ministry on the MyGov portal from August 15-20, seeks to engage citizens.

While the Red Fort celebrations were conducted under stringent security, involving 1,000 facial recognition cameras, anti-drone systems, and a deployment of over 10,000 police personnel, this year's event did not feature Covid restrictions, as stated by senior police officer Dependra Pathak.(KNS).

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