Unemployment leads to rise in crimes: Zuhaib Mir

Modi regime responsible for pushing Kashmir into economic crises

Modi regime responsible for pushing Kashmir into economic crises

Srinagar, April, 08 (KNS): Unemployment and economic crises always gives rise to annoyance, as well as a range of other negative consequences like crimes in a society. 

This was stated by the People's Democratic Party (PDP) Youth Wing Coordinator for Central Kashmir, Zuhaib Yousuf Mir. 
While expressing concern over the recent crimes like that of Bagh-e-Mehtab and other places, Zuhaib said, that crimes and criminals can never be defended in any case however it is significant at the same time to find out the reasons behind such acts of shame.

People here in Kashmir have been economically pushed to the wall especially after August 2019 that is one among the reasons that we see an alarming rise in the crimes like this.

When people are deprived of their fundamental rights like right to earn and employment, it certainly gives rise to crimes.

Modi regime has put the whole country under chaos and fear, and the same has been extended to Kashmir which was already trying to overcome the costs of militancy.

The local youth both men and women are frustrated when they see no opportunities around to earn. Unemployment has ruined the mental capacity of our younger generation some percentage among it has already taken the route of drugs and other crimes.

Furthermore, unemployment also creates a sense of injustice and leads to social polarization. When people feel that they are being marginalized economically and politically, they become more extreme which exacerbates social divisions and increase tensions.(KNS) 

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