Teachings of Guru Ravi Dass Ji more relevant today: Sadhotra

Jammu March 28:(KNS) The teachings of Sant Guru Ravi Dass Ji universal brotherhood are more relevant
today, said Mr. Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, Former Minister and Senior leader Jammu and
Kashmir National Conference while addressing a big Congregation organized by Ravi Dass
Sabha Goh Manasan to celebrate 644th Guru Ravi Dass Jayanti at Goh Manasan (Tikri).
Mr. Sadhotra was Chief Guest. He congratulated on this auspicious occasion to one and all.
Mr Sadhotra said Guru Ji throughout his life preached universal brotherhood and
social equality irrespective of caste, creed and colour. He emphasized to shun hatred and
strengthened brotherhood. He was a famous saint, spiritual leader, poet And philosopher.
Guru Ravi Dass was famous saint of the Bhakti Movement of the fifteen Century a religious
resonance in India.
Guru Ravi Dass was deadly against castism. He also preached removal of social
division of caste and gender. Man should be known by the Karmas not by Caste, he
preached. His famous saying was “MAN CHANGA KTHOTI MEIN GANGA”.
Guru Ravi Dass Ji dedicated his life to instill confidence among down trodden and
principles of oneness, omnipresence and omnipotence of god.
Mr. Sadhotra appealed the congregation and common man in general to follow the
preachings of Guru Ravi Dass Ji in letter and spirit to bring reforms in the society, maximum
concentration should be given towards education for economic empowerment and to make
our country strong. This can be the best Tribute to the revered spiritual guru.
Others who spoke on the occasion are S/Sh Gopal Dass President, Suresh Kumar
Vice President, Rattan Lal Ex-President Guru Ravi Dass Sabha Goh Manasan, Ashok Bawa
Ji Former President Goh Municipality and Karan Singh.(KNS)

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