Tajinder Singh Express Anguish Over Unscheduled Power Cuts In Jammu.

Jammu May 25 (KNS): Renowned social political activist Sardaar Tajinder Singh said Jammu,is known for its scorching summers, with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius, the demand for electricity peaks as residents rely heavily on cooling appliances to beat the heat. However, despite the best assurances of the JPDCL after installing Smart meters to provide electricity 24 × 7, power cuts remain a common occurrence during summer season, posing significant challenges to the residents and especially to old age persons and Shopkeepers.

Tajinder singh said the problem of electric power cuts in Jammu during summer can be attributed to various factors, including inadequate infrastructure, increased demand, and supply limitations. The region’s aging power infrastructure struggles to cope with the surge in electricity consumption, leading to frequent breakdowns and outages.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelMoreover, the erratic supply of electricity from the grid exacerbates the situation, leaving residents at the mercy of prolonged unscheduled power cuts.

Tajinder Singh said one of the primary consequences of electric power cuts in summer is the discomfort and inconvenience experienced by the residents,without electricity essential amenities such as fans, air conditioners, and refrigerators become non-functional, making daily life unbearable, particularly for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and infants. Moreover, businesses reliant on continuous power supply, such as restaurants, hotels, and medical facilities, suffer financial losses and operational disruptions during prolonged unscheduled cuts.(KNS)

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