Strength of a nation lies in Science,Technology and civilisational Ethos

Lord RAM is a unifier, Says Ashok Bhan

Srinagar August 06:(KNS) Speaking as a lead speaker at a webinar on the importance of nation building -Senior Advocate,& distinguished fellow USI -said that the fundamental strength of a nation building in 21st.century is Sciences ,Technology and the Civilisational ethos of the Country.India is fortunate to have laid Firm foundations of nation building immediately after independence.In less than a decade time of partition of India,On 4th August in 1956 first necular plant was launched and India is a nuclear power now.
5th August 2020 marks the strength of the civilisational ethos.Bhomi Pujan ceremony at Ayodhya has struck a universal note, personifying the unity across religious, caste and cultural boundaries.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ speech ranked among those given by the best known of thinkers, orators and religious preachers of our times.
Modi prudently chose to speak in a unique idiom, drawing an image of Lord Ram as a unifier, a message that could appeal to all—from Dalits,Muslims and tribals to the people of north, south, east and west India, and beyond. The story of Lord Ram resonates in many places, including Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, even having made its mark in places as far as Iran and China. The PM even used the moment to offer an olive branch to Nepal, with which India has of late had strained relations—“After all, Janaki came from Nepal,” he noted. However, he also highlighted the warrior aspect of the legendary prince: “The story of Ram demonstrates that there is no love without fear (bhay bina priti nahin).

Ashok Bhan said that as a practising senior advocate he complimented the Supreme Court to have adjudicated & unanimously passed a historic judgement on the most contentious issues involving intricate questions of law and facts and also the sentiments of millions of Hindus & Muslims.Fortunately both Hindus & Muslim communities in the interests of mutual amity and unity of Country accepted the verdict of the Apex Court.Let the nation move forward and see a new Bharat of peace,amity,progress and uniform prosperity.Let all the citizens rise to the occasion and contribute in making India safe,secure,Covid free,voilance free,a robust nation with technological advancement and militarily Strong Nation.We all must be proud Indian.
Lord Ram is the unifier.(KNS)  

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