Srinagar girl author of 'Sadaye Qalb' book, to rekindle zest for Urdu among youngsters


Srinagar November 06:(KNS) In love with Urdu poetry, a young girl from Soura area of Srinagar city has authored a book, “Sadaye Qalb” with an aim to rekindle the love and enthusiasm for Urdu language among young people of Kashmir valley.Mir Raafiyah Bashir, a female 12th class student, has been into the field of Urdu writing since the last four years. She has written several articles and poems, after finally succeeding to come up with a complete book in order to give her competence and thoughts a dignified shape.“I’ve been writing for the last four years. It was this year that I thought it was the right time to show my work to people and publish my book in Urdu with the name of Sadaye Qalb. There has been a sort of disconnect with this language among the young masses, I am hopeful all will read it and find it interesting”, she said.“Sadaye Qalb” book which has been written purely in Urdu language is yet to be released. However, the book will be launched formally on 8th of November Sunday at 21 Miles Café in Lal Chowk, Srinagar.Raafiyah, who has done her schooling at a local school, is currently a student of 12th standard at Jamia Tul Banaat, Women's Educational Institute at Lal Bazar in Srinagar city. ’’I’m going to face 12th class exams after a few days as the schedule has been announced. I’m just looking for my upcoming exams, besides my book launch no so far”, she said.“My quotes and poems are written under the name and mark of "Gumnaam Rahi". This is my pen name, and I love to attribute my work to this name” she added.Beginning with her first authored book, Raafiyah says that she aspires to write more books in future and contribute immensely for the society and its people. However, she says, she holds less grip over English language, adding that she’ll put in every effort to come up with writings in English as well ahead.“It’s important for every girl to remain independent and stay upright with her own potential and expertise in current times. We’ve to make our space in this world, with our efforts and hard work and prove that we’re no less than others”, she says.She says that, there is a lot of talent and potential among students of Kashmir valley to excel in every field and the key is to explore various things and possibilities around, without being afraid of setbacks and losses that people face in their lives.Talking about her book, Raafiyah says that the book touches almost every aspect of our lives, and doesn’t remain restricted to a particular theme or angle. “My book revolves around parents, teachers, friends and most significantly day to day happenings in Kashmir valley and our lives too”.She adds that, along with these aspects, her book also focuses on the ongoing pandemic which has afflicted lakhs of people with losses and sufferings across the world.(KNS)  

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