Some leaders denigrating public mandate, defaming independent DDC members: Apni Party

Srinagar, February 7 (KNS): Apni Party District President Srinagar Noor Mohammad Sheikh on Sunday took a strong jibe over the comments made by certain local politicians terming the results of District Development Council chairperson posts in Srinagar and Shopian as ‘unsurprising’.
As per the statement issued to KNS, Sheikh said the remarks made by the PAGD leaders are understandable because of the setback faced by the seven-party outmoded alliance. He said the utter failure of certain political parties with imperial tendencies in the recent DDC chairperson elections has led some of them into a shocking desolation.
“These leaders want to embellish their fiasco with fables which people are not interested in or going to buy anymore. Some politicians are regrettably not happy with a newly born political party’s win in the recent DDC chairperson and vice chairperson elections.  In their sheer frustration they are now comparing the DDC elections with the historical incidents which actually originated with their deceitful politics and manipulations of parties who are now their allies,” Sheikh added.  
Sheikh stated: ‘This is how they have at all times frolicked with the emotions of the common people in J&K. These leaders and their elders would obsessively cherry-pick some historical incidents that too embroidered with concoctions, and try to sell them to the people in a demagogical manner. Unfortunately, for the events that occurred on J&K’s political canvass especially post 1953, 1975 and even in 1996 remains expunged from their history books."  
He said that political parties which are now in alliance have in the last over six decades only bartered J&K’s political and economic interests just for perks and power. “When political activists or leaders join these parties they legitimize it with hundred reasons and when the same happens with Apni Party they call it ‘horse trading’? Let me inform these outdated parties that the people of J&K are much emancipated and are no longer ready to buy these naïve arguments,” he said, adding that in a democracy people are free to join any political party of their choice.    
Sheikh said that by spreading canards against the independent DDC members who won the recently concluded DDC elections, the PAGD leaders are questioning their integrity and abusing the public mandate. “It seems that PAGD considers all the independent candidates as saleable commodities. This is totally denigrating and demeaning the public mandate and defaming the independent DDC members who have by choice joined Apni Party,” he remarked.
Apni Party district president Srinagar observed that the leaders who have always been obsessed with tweeting rather than representing the people in a tangible manner, have kept their comment section blocked on their official twitter handles in order to save themselves from the wrath of the people. (KNS)   

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