Smart City department undermining SMC, alleges Sheikh Imran

 Srinagar, June 05(KNS): Sheikh Imran, a senior political leader, has criticized the Smart City Department for undermining the authority of the elected body in Srinagar.

The dispute arose over the high parking fees under the Jehangir Chowk flyover, which were compared to the rates at Delhi International Airport by a Twitter user named Asif Firdous. Firdous expressed concern about the burden this placed on the working class, estimating it to be around 8,000 rupees per month for working days.
In response to Firdous's tweet, Junaid Azim Mattu, the Mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), clarified that the SMC had neither been consulted nor authorized the parking rates. 
Mattu stressed the need for a parking policy or by-laws to address the issue, emphasizing that the SMC has the exclusive statutory mandate for public places.
Sheikh Imran, a former Deputy Mayor of SMC, joined the discussion and criticized the Smart City Department for disregarding the authority of the elected body. He argued that all matters concerning Srinagar should go through the SMC, as the city belongs to its residents.
 Imran also alleged that certain officials in the Smart City Department take credit for projects proposed by him through the SMC, misleading the administration. 
He pledged to expose these alleged mistakes and violations and announced an upcoming event in the city to prove his claims.(KNS)

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