Slow work delays completion of vital bridge over Dougam Romshi stream

Pulwama, Dec 22 (KNS): The slow pace of work by the contractor over a vital bridge on Romshi in Dougam village of Pulwama has belied the expeditious completion of projects by the Jammu and Kashmir administration.

The work on this vital bridge was started three year ago, though the bridge is complete but the contractor has stopped work on building connecting link to the bridge a month ago, local said.

Locals said the contractor has stopped work and left halfway building of pavement which connects the bridge with a nearby Ratnipora link road.

Locals said the bridge will connect many village between Kakpora to Ratnipora and onwards if it is completed.

Locals of Dougam said that the brigde is the only connectivity for them over Rosmhi stream but to its incompletion they are facing many issues in moving out of their village.

Locals said a pavement over a small stream near the bridge is incomplete from many months.

"The contractor has stopped the work citing winter when the weather is dry. He is saying that he will resume its work after winter ends. This is illogical because nowhere has any work been stopped," locals said.

They have appealed the District Commissioner Pulwama Baseer Ul Haq Choudhary and PWD Executive Engineer to intervene so that the work is complete and bridge can be used for travel. (KNS)

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