Shielding rapists hallmark of BJP across India: Kadfeen

Srinagar, Oct 04 (KNS): Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary has termed the horrific Hathras rape and murder of a poor Dalit girl as excruciating and ruthless, stating that the way BJP led government in Uttar Pradesh is busy defending the rapists is symptomatic of what the saffron brigade stands for.
In a statement issued here, Kadfeen said that it is inhuman to the core to find BJP and it's ilk busy defending the culprits while trying to vilify the victim and her grief-stricken family.
He said that Hathras episode has become an epicenter of hope for the saner voices to raise pitch against the injustice perpetuated to the socially deprived classes by the BJP led government with impunity.
He said the courage exhibited by Rahul Gandhi in reaching out to the victim family is exemplary and acts as a source of courage for the oppressed. Kadfeen said that the BJP government has been trying to shield the culprits from day one and that was the reason why the rape victim was given a secret cremation in the dead of the night. “These inhuman practices were alien to the country where revered sages and sadhus were born. What the BJP government is doing to India is barbarous and unacceptable. No power can stop the country from seeking justice for the poor girl,” said Kadfeen (KNS)


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