Senior PDP leader & ex-MLA Shangus Peerzada Mansoor expresses dissent against leadership

 Srinagar, Dec 1(KNS): Former MLA Shangus and PDP Senior leader Peerzada Mansoor today expressed resentment against Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leadership for giving his constituency seat to National Conference (NC) in the ongoing elections of District Development Council (DDCs).
On being asked about his absence from the electoral field, ex-MLA Shangus Peerzada Mansoor Soharwardy said, “My party has not been given mandate in Shangus constituency. It is strange that Shangus has been an anti NC bastion even at the time of NC’s dominance across the state. The only time they have won in a participative election was in 197,” he told KNS.
Former MLA said that, it is an irony that constituency which later on became a PDP bastion has been gifted away during the keenly watched DDC elections.
Without blaming Peoples Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) for PDP favouring NC in distribution of seats, Mansoor said, “Why should I blame the PAGD. My own party’s leadership is part of the PAGD leadership. What surprises me is that we bargained for and even got seats where our presence is bare minimal”.
He said that as a PDP leader, “I would say that it is the PDP leadership which has been very selective and has betrayed the trust of the voters of Shangus constituenc,” he told KNS.
“It is not political analysis that has taken place in deciding which seats to fight from but the personal analysis based on likes and dislikes. Party leadership should not bargain seats on the basis of who they like and who they don’t like. It is all about personal preferences”, he said(KNS).

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