Sajad Lone accuses Omar Abdullah of scripting discourse that could lead to violence

Says PC is Kashmiri Team, will say in Parliament what nobody has ever dared

Says PC is Kashmiri Team, will say in Parliament what nobody has ever dared

Srinagar, Mar 30 (KNS): Peoples Conference president Sajad Gani Lone has accused Omar Abdullah of scripting a "vicious discourse" that could lead to violence and loss of innocent lives.

In a post on X, Sajad Lone said that one of the most heavily guarded VIPs in India happens to be Omar Abdullah and he is feeling fully secure behind the impregnable security grid and has absolutely no qualms in scripting a discourse which has the greatest probability to end in violence and consume the lives of unguarded innocents.

He referred to Abdullah's repeated allegations linking people and parties to the BJP and labeling them as anti-Muslim.

“The discourse I am talking about is his daily vicious dose of allegations linking people and parties to BJP. Labelling them as anti Muslim. Mr Abdullah is not a kid. He has been the foreign minister in a BJP government and also has been the chief minister of the state. He very well knows the violent outcome of vicious discourses”, he added.

Lone said that the leaders of People’s Conference are least covered, in terms of security. “Barring a few leaders at the top, most of our leaders have a minimal level of security or no security at all. Mr Abdullah brazenly makes them vulnerable to terror attacks and does so intentionally. He knows the possible outcome. He knows any terror element or even any crazy soul can get violently excited. But he doesn’t give a damn. Beacuse this is what he wants. Because they have been doing it all along", he added.

Lone further said that this is the breed of white collar killers. “They don’t do the killing. They script the story. They script the justification. Make no mistake. These so called gentlemen of the society are deadly murderers by the night and chocolate boys by the day.”

He vowed that his party would not be intimidated by such statements. “We won't be scared. We have seen worst times. We have been through the cruelest times when your party was in power. We have survived and will survive”, he added.

He also promised that his party would make Kashmiris proud and raise issues in Parliament that no one has dared to address before. 

“Call us what you want. A team, B team or C team. Conspire to murder—as much as you want to. Let it be known to you and to all. We are the Kashmiri Team. We will make Kashmiris proud. That is a promise. We will say in Parliament what nobody has ever dared to say. And we will ensure that you and your party answers for every single murder. That is a promise”, he added. (KNS)

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