Renzushah emphasises for communal, sectarian unity

Releases research book ‘Gulshan Willayat’ authored by Aaga Syed Abbas Qami

Releases research book ‘Gulshan Willayat’ authored by Aaga Syed Abbas Qami

Srinagar, May 01 (KNS): Chairman Jamaat Aitqaad Hanafiya International & Kashmir Society Khwaja Farooq Renzushah while releasing distinguished research Book "Gulshan Willayat" authored by Aaga Syed Abbas Qami at Shariefabad Auditorium HMT emphasised for communal and sectarian unity.

He said Kashmir is coming out of whirlpool of disasters and ideological devastations which caused bloodshed of lakhs of innocent people.

He Said that when British parliament passed Partition bill their was no idea of dividing Kashmir but local Kashmiri politicians for their dynastic power & vote banks got Kashmir divided in pieces both from territorial point of view and Ideological Fiqa perceptions.

“For the last seven hundred years Kashmir was symbol of communal & sectarian unity. Hazrat Bulbulshah & Amir Kabir enriched Fiqa Hanafi in Kashmir and Shame ud din Iraqi enriched Fiqa jaffari from Baltistan, Hunza, Gilgat to Kashmir and both Fiqa were complimentry to each other and people were united. Unfortunately earlier from 1947 with rise of Communism non believers of Allah in kashmir and from 1975 introduction of radical Firqa ideologies have groomed hate, communal wedge and blood shed. All these evils were created by Masters of Kashmir Vote Banks.”

Renzushah said In 1979 Hanafi Islamic scholars were killed and burnt alive as innocent collateral casualties in civil war between Communist Red Brigade Militia of local politicians and zia ul Haq backed jamaat Islami only for consolidating vote banks.

Renzushah said that his Research book is valuable contribution in books and literature of Love and mutual unity.

Renzushah on this occasion presented, immediately after release, the Research book "Gulshan Willayat" to distinguished writer Maqbool. (KNS) 

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